Bayside Furnishings Ladder Bookcase, the Multifunctional Furniture Perfect for Urban Living

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Bayside Furnishings Ladder Bookcase
Bayside furnishings ladder bookcase

Bayside furnishings ladder bookcase is a must-have piece to fill your apartment or house. This shelving unit has a unique shape like a ladder. Ladder shape bookcase has become a hit in home furnishing. Although this furniture has contemporary vibe to it, the bookcase can fit in any house style. This book storage space is going to look stunning wherever you put it. The bookcase can be a focal point of the room or, if you want, the less conspicuous part of your house.

This book storage unit consists of five shelves that are fixed to the frame. The size makes it just enough to fit in moderate space of your home. It is about 72 inches high and 29.5 inches wide. The depth of its largest shelf, or the bottom, is 20.2 inches. The largest shelf can handle weight up to 50 pounds. Meanwhile the smallest one, which is located on the top, is able to carry weight up to 30 pounds. You have ample amount of space to accommodate your books and other stuff.

Bayside furnishings ladder bookcase will be a great investment for you. It is made of birch veneer. Birch wood is durable and looks very nice. It can handle stains very well. Because of its veneer characteristics, there is less chance for your bookcase to experience warping and cracking. This particular book shelving unit has elegant coffee tone finish that is hand-applied in eleven steps. The elegant look will only complement aesthetic aspect of room where you place this bookcase.

Since this ladder book case has open shelving units, you have a lot of room to be crafty. Despite its title, you are not only able to store your vast collection of books in here. There are other things that you can put on these shelves. You can decorate the bookcase with your favorite photographs for a touch of personality. If you want to make your room more organic, you can place some potted plants on the shelves. Choose small but colorful plants like succulents. This will give your room more energy as well as giving you the chance to display your personality.

If you are looking for multifunctional storing furniture, this is a perfect piece for you. It does not take too much space in your room so if you are living in small housing, you can still afford to get it. The bookcase is also very durable. It has elegant vibe that will light up the room. Go get Bayside furnishings ladder bookcase immediately!