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Common Questions:

Providing your Music to Musicadium

Do I give up any rights to my music?

No way! We simply provide a distribution service and leave it at that. You retain all the rights to your music and recordings . We are not a label, a publisher, a promoter or a record company. We are simply a service that puts your music up for sale on digital outlets throughout the world. You can choose to stop using our service at any time you wish. This is a non-exclusive agreement.

Do I have to submit a full album?

No, that is not necessary. If you don't have a full album, you can sell just a single track, an EP or a full length album if you have one. You can submit multiple albums too, so don't forget about your back catalogue.

Are UPCs and barcodes the same thing?


Do I need a barcode (UPC)?

Yes. Barcodes are vital for tracking your sales. Musicadium can supply a barcode to you for a one-off fee of $39 AUD ex. GST.

What is a barcode (UPC)?

A UPC is a series of numbers exclusively associated with your album, EP or single. A UPC looks like this:
Each line represents a different number allowing machines to read the barcode information. UPCs allow for easy tracking of your physical and digital sales. Your album, EP or single must have its own UPC. If you already have a UPC, you can use this for your digital album, EP or single. If you do not have a UPC, Musicadium can supply you one for $39 AUD ex. GST. You are free to use the UPC even if you are no longer a Musicadium customer.

Do I need an ISRC?

Yes. Each song requires an individual ISRC code to be uploaded. If you already have ISRC codes, you can use them for your digital album, EP or single. If your songs do not have ISRC codes, Musicadium will generate these for you free of charge. The ISRC code can then be assigned to that song even if you are no longer a Musicadium customer.

What are ISRCs?

An ISRC is an International Standard Recording Code. An ISRC code allows you to track sales of individual songs.

I don't have an ISRC. If you give me one does that mean I can use it with any other distributor?

Yes. We will automatically assign ISRC codes to any track without one. That ISRC can then be transported wherever the song goes.

Do ISRCs cost me any money?


How much does this service cost?

We charge on the basis of the number of outlets you wish to distribute to. You can distribute your albums to iTunes, emusic or Amazon mp3. Costs work like this:
Distribution fee to one outlet $39 AUD
Distribution fee to two outlets $69 AUD
Distribution fee to three outlets $79 AUD
Barcodes $39 AUD
Annual renewal fee $20 AUD
NB: All prices are ex. GST for Australian residents. The distribution fee is charged per release. A release can be a single, an EP or a full length album. The annual renewal fee is first charged 12 months from the date payment is made for your album and at the end of each year after that.

Where will my music be sold?

Your music will be available for purchase on iTunes, emusic and Amazon MP3. These three stores account for the majority of digital music sales. Musicadium only works with established outlets and is finalising contracts with a number of additional online stores. We are currently negotiating with various other digital outlets across the globe to further extend the reach of your music. Stay tuned!

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, we sure do. We realise that not all artists and labels are alike. Email us with how many albums you would like to submit and we will quote you a special price.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

Essentially, we (and you) need to cover ourselves legally! We do not request ownership or assignment of copyright in any way. We do however, need to ensure that you, as the authorised legal representative for an artist, band, group, company or corporation, have secured the necessary releases and authorities from all parties associated with your music. This is an exceptionally important part of the process and we have aimed to make this as simple as possible. Remember our contract is not term based (you can pull out at anytime), is non-exclusive and is aimed at helping to keep things simple yet legal for you and for us. Download a copy of our digital distribution agreement (PDF)

What doesn't Musicadium do?

Musicadium is contracted in an Aggregator role for the albums that artists supply to us. We do not take over any rights and cannot legally "represent" the artist or label on certain matters. We can make changes to album information with our partnered digital outlets like iTunes but we cannot provide direction to them to only deal with us and not other aggregators or distributors that the artist may have engaged. In short, we are not a label, promoter, agent, publisher nor adopt other roles not specifically part of Aggregation services. We are service enabling you to get your music onto our partnered digital outlets.

Do I have to live in Australia?

No you don't. We work with artists and labels from the UK, USA, NZ, Japan, Pacific Islands etc. To use our distribution service you can be an artist or label from anywhere in the world.

I posted the CD this morning/last week/last month, have you got it yet?

If your status in the member's area says awaiting CD then no, we have not received it yet. If it reads anything else then we have it in our excited little hands.

Sales, Royalties & Payments

How much do I get paid?

In all cases, Musicadium returns 100% of royalties to its customers. Each outlet has different ways of paying but you can be sure that Musicadium does not. We give you back everything you have earned.
Talking in US$, iTunes will sell your music for .99 cents per track or $9.99 for your full length album. If you don't have a full length album, simply multiply the number of tracks you have x .99 cents, and that is what it will be sold for. iTunes returns to Musicadium .70 cents for every track downloaded or $7.00 for your album. You retain 100% of this royalty. Other aggregators can take up to 50% of your royalties so make sure you read the fine print on royalties before you sign up somewhere else.
emusic is a service that lets people download music on a subscription model. emusic customers can download songs each month based on their subscription rate. emusic currently offers: 30 songs per month for $9.99, 50 songs per month for $14.99 and 75 songs per month for $19.99 emusic royalty payments vary depending on how much money emusic makes in pre-sales each quarter. To calculate this figure, emusic divides the amount of money made by the number of songs downloaded which then gives them a Pay Rate for each song downloaded. emusic then deducts out Allowed Expenses and you you get 60% of the remainder. To help you understand, imagine in the first quarter of this year 1,000,000 songs were downloaded from emusic generating revenue of $250,000. Each individual download would be worth $0.25. emusic would then deduct expenses of, for example, $0.05 leaving $0.20 per song. You receive 60% of this $.020 which equates to $0.12. If you had 100 tracks downloaded in the first quarter of this year then, hypothetically you would have received 100*$0.12 = $12.
Amazon MP3
Amazon MP3 sells individual songs and albums at four price levels based on whether releases are current and how much those releases sell. At present, Amazon mp3 only sells songs in the US. When you upload to Amazon mp3 you will receive information about how to price your album and the pay rate for each level. Once you have set the price you do not have another chance to change it so choose your price point carefully.

When do I get paid?

Musicadium pays artists and labels quarterly. You will receive one quarterly consolidated payment from us that will include ALL of your music sales from ALL of the stores that your music has sold in for that particular quarter. You will receive the payment electronically through the PayPal service. You can track sales 365 days of the year through our Member's Area and keep an eye on which stores are selling and which countries are buying the most of your music. Just to make sure we don't just pay small change, we wait until you have accumulated $20 AUD ex. GST in royalties before we pay out. But don't worry, that's only 2 - 3 albums so you'll get there in no time.

How long will it take before my music is on iTunes and other outlets?

It usually takes 3 - 6 weeks for albums to go live on the outlets. In rare circumstances, outlets can take even longer. If you have a specific release date for the album, uploading 6-8 weeks in advance is recommended. Outlets check the quality of the recording to ensure they meet minimum standards, as well as verifying that all of the information provided is correct. Outlets also reserve the right to modify album information (i.e. genres) if they deem that information to be incorrect.

My album is taking ages to show up on the outlets, what should I do?

Grit your teeth, take a deep breath and just sit tight. If the album is showing up in the member's area as "Outlets Processing", then there isn't a lot we can do. 99% of the time, uploads will take 3-6 weeks. If after 8 weeks, the album is not showing up, shoot us a support request and we will contact Apple on your behalf.

Can I set the price for selling my album on iTunes?

No. iTunes will set the price. They are not flexible to price changes you want to suggest.

Do you collect PPCA royalties?


I have a number of covers on my album, is this OK?

Yes. But it is your responsibility to make sure you are paying royalties to the original owners. If you have any queries, call or email APRA on 02 9935 7900 or

I have a number of samples on my album, is this OK?

Yes. But it is your responsibility to make sure the samples have been cleared for use with the original owners. If you have any queries, call or email APRA on 02 9935 7900 or

Do you guys distribute through Beatport?

No, not yet, we are working on it. We distribute through iTunes, emusic and Amazon MP3.

Do you guys help with marketing at all?

No. We pay you 100% of your royalties so that you have the resources to hire a publicist to do that. We distribute and we do it well and we want to keep it that way. And besides, if we marketed all our artists work we would never sleep and that is not a fun way to be.

Making Changes / Using The Member's Area

My album is the wrong genre, can I change it?

Yes. Send a support request with your album's barcode and the genre you would like your album to be. Changes take a week or sometimes more to show up so give it time before you send us a frantic email saying nothing's changed.

I want to change the name of one of my tracks, is this possible?

Yes. Send a support request with your album's barcode and the new track numbers and names.

Where can I see how many songs I have sold?

In the Musicadium member's area, in the bottom right of the screen, you can track your songs sales. There is an 8-10 week lag in Apple's sales reporting so be patient. You won't see February's figures until late March, you won't see March's figures until late April etc etc.

My album is on iTunes but I want to add more songs to it. Is that ok?

No. Once your album is on iTunes, you cannot add tracks to it. We can however pull the album down and reload it with the new tracks but this will be considered a new release and you will have to pay the upload fee again.

My album art is not being accepted. What is wrong?

There are two options. Either the quality is too low (you need a minimum of 300dpi and 600 by 600 pixels) or the file size is too large. We don't accept cover art above 3MB.

Will you let me know when my CD arrives?

Yes. You will see the status of your album change when it arrives. That is our way of letting you know.

I just realised I already have an ISRC code/barcode.

If the album is already uploaded, then there is nothing we can do. If it hasn't been uploaded, send it through and we will try and make the change.

I want to be single of the week on iTunes, can you help?

Yes. First, pick out the song you want to be single of the week. Second, think if you can offer iTunes any exclusives or free downloads of your music, they like that. Third, fill out this form and email it to telling us which song you would like submitted and when. Remember, choose your best song because there are thousands of songs submitted each week and only the cream of the crop gets picked.

How do I know when my album is live on the outlets?

Just keep checking back in. iTunes will not notify you or us when the album goes live so just check in every so often after the three week mark and it will show up.

How can I track my album after I post it to you?

The status of your album will show up in the member's area. Use this as your guide.

How do I get an iTunes link on my myspace?

Go to to create the HTML. Then, paste the HTML into your myspace profile. To do this, go into profile edit and make sure you are in safe mode.

I am computer illiterate. How do I use the html?

Go to your myspace, if you can setup a myspace, then you are qualified to cut and paste HTML. Once you've logged in to your myspace, go to profile edit and make sure you are in safe mode. Then, paste the code into your bio or band members field.